How to Paint Cathedral Ceilings

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cathedral ceilings are a very popular choice for great rooms. It opens the rooms and gives a greater sense of spaciousness. However, when it comes time to paint, a room with a flat ceiling can be a difficult task, for the uninitiated. Cathedral ceilings can make the task seem absolutely daunting.

Most of the tasks remain the same for either; moving or cover furniture and floors, taping, repairing holes, and cleaning walls and ceilings, and then, of course, the painting, but many of these tasks become increasingly difficult, with cathedral ceiling, given the additional height. A stairwell adds a new set of access problems to deal with also. One color, for walls and ceilings can be difficulty enough, but different colors will increase the complexity again, when it comes to cutting in the colors.

Fortunately, there are some solutions to make the job a little easier. If only one color will be used, a paint roller, with a telescoping extension pole, can handle a lot of the difficult cleaning and painting. For the cleaning, you might want to consider attaching a lamb wool roller or a “Swiffer”, to allow you to remove dust and dirt, before you begin. There are also attachments that can be purchased for cutting in paint, at the seam. You may also want to buy some pain reliever, as working overhead, with an extension pole, can be physically demanding.

However, there are likely to be circumstances where the extension pole just won’t be sufficient and scaffolding would come in handy. A quick solution for this problem could be a couple of sturdy ladders and a couple of 2” x 8” x 10’ pieces of lumber. Stretched between the two ladders, it will provide some temporary scaffolding that will allow you to attend to most cutting and repair problems. We, personally, would not use anything longer than 10’ and remember to leave overhang, on each ladder, for better stability. Also, exercise caution, during all phases of this job, to avoid injury.

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