Why Painting Is Better than Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Why Painting Is Better than Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

It can be confusing doing the math involved in deciding what it would cost to install new cabinets versus repainting them, but once you start adding up figures a huge price difference becomes apparent, and paint emerges the winner.

Furthermore, if your existing cabinets look tired and out-of-date but are otherwise in good shape, a well-done paint job can give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Costs for Replacing Cabinets

In the kitchen remodeling industry, one common standard for making comparisons is the classic 10 x 10, “L” shaped kitchen containing approximately 12 cabinets covering 25 linear feet.

Replacing these cabinets with very simple, non-wood stock models might cost about $1,500 at $60 per square foot. However, custom models built to your specifications may reach up to $1,200 per linear foot for a total of $30,000.

Of course, the type of wood you choose — let’s say pine versus cherry — also affects cabinet cost whether for basic or custom models so keep that in mind when pricing replacement.

Costs for Repainting Cabinets

The cost to freshen up your kitchen by repainting may cost anywhere from about 50% to more than 75% less than replacement cabinets.

Repainting Process

Refinishing cabinets with paint begins with removing their doors and drawers. The next step may be as simple as scrubbing them and the frames with a degreasing agent. However, if the cabinets already have multiple coats of paint, it may be necessary to use a chemical stripper to remove those layers.

If your home was built earlier than 1978, there may be lead in old layers of paint. Lead removal to avoid spreading dust is a multi-step process beginning with clearing the kitchen of furniture and materials. A quality painting subcontractor is well trained in the steps needed to contain the dust so it doesn’t migrate into countertops, flooring and any built-in furniture.

After degreasing or stripping the finish (interior and exterior), the next step is to sand all the cabinetry surfaces so paint adheres well.

Benefits of Painting Versus Staining

An extra decision faced when refurbishing cabinetry is whether to use wood stain instead of paint, especially if the cabinets already have a stain finish.

Stain deeply permeates wood, so it is time consuming and expensive to completely remove. So selecting a lighter stain isn’t an option. With paint, it’s much easier to change appearances from light to dark and back again. Also, if the cabinets have scratches and gouges needing to be refilled, stain won’t hide filler like paint will.

Professional Help

If you don’t have time for do-it-yourself kitchen remodeling, including messy processes such as lead abatement, select a reliable professional to do the work. Seek a well-established company that is fully insured and highly skilled in the industry’s latest painting techniques for interior and exterior work.

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