Your Guide to Painting Oak Kitchen Cabinets; Tips from a Wheaton Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

If you want to give your kitchen a new look, investing in a new set of kitchen cabinets may seem like an appealing option. The only problem is, it’s just so expensive. Besides, you may actually like your cabinets, and they might look great if you painted them a new color. This issue becomes even more complicated if you have oak cabinets, since regular kitchen cabinet painting rules do not apply. Well, do not worry, because in this article, we’re going to guide you through the process of painting your oak kitchen cabinets in Wheaton. Oak has a very grainy surface, which makes any paint layer look rough. This means that if you want to achieve that perfectly smooth finish, you will have to minimize the grain. For this, you will need some grain filler from your local paint store. You should also purchase a spreader/leveler tool if you can find one at the store. It will make the job easier. However, if you cannot find this tool, you can simply use a rag or a paint brush to apply the filler.

While this will leave a near-perfect surface for you to work with, you will need the help of a professional if you want to eliminate the grain altogether. This would require a professional-grade material, and the process can be very tricky and time intensive. If you want to spray your oak cabinets, you can use a high volume, low pressure (HVLP) conversion spray gun. An HVLP spray gun will give you an almost perfect factory finish. It is very easy to maneuver, and it gives you the added benefit of no brush marks. Alternatively, you can simply use a brush if you do not have a sprayer, or if your cabinets do not have a lot of nooks and crannies. Brushes also need less prep work than spray guns, because you do not have to tape up your work area in order to avoid overspray.If you think that your cabinets are too plain, you have the option of adding custom woodworking elements that can greatly enhance the look and feel of your kitchen. These elements can be anything from extra details, to new panels and molding. You can also think about adding new cabinet hardware. Old knobs and pulls can definitely have a detrimental impact on the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Hinges can also be an eyesore if they start to show signs of wear and tear. Sure, this will add a bit of extra work to your repainting project, but the end result will be more than worth it. These extra options will also allow you to be much more creative. Let’s say you want to buy new countertops that have a slick, modern look, but the pulls on your cabinets just don’t match. Now, if you plan to repaint your cabinets, you might as well replace the pulls with something that has a more cosmopolitan look. Picking the right color is one of the biggest decisions when painting your kitchen cabinets in Wheaton. There are so many options out there that it can be hard to figure out which color fits best with your existing decor. This can be an agonizing process without the right method—which is to use samples. If you have several colors that you really enjoy, but you can’t decide between them, simply purchase a pint/quart of each and try them out on sample boards before committing to one color.

If you have oak cabinets in your kitchen, and if you are having problems achieving the right finish, Prime Time Painting is here to help! Contact us today and we will help you with your kitchen cabinet painting in Wheaton.