Color, Mood, and What it Means for Your Home

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True fact: An old friend of mine had red walls in his room and spending time in there made me feel crazy.

It’s undeniable that color has an influence on us. You can tell from the way we use colors for different signs -yellow usually indicates caution while red signifies more immediate danger.

While many claims about the effects of color on your mood may be overblown, there are some long standing truisms to consider when choosing colors for rooms in your house. Red, yellow, and orange are warm colors. They can invoke feelings that range from warm and fuzzy to irrational rage. You face a similar dilemma when looking at cool colors -blue, purple, and green. These colors can be associated with feelings of tranquility and peace, but they can also bring the blues (they were named that for a reason). What a bummer! The shade of the color has a large influence on the feelings associated with it. Light colors are more calming, and bright, intense colors can be more agitating.

Colors have been shown to have a surprising array of concrete physiological and psychological effects as well. Working on a diet? Some dieticians have suggested that you eat your meals on a blue plate because blue has been shown to suppress appetite. Do your kids need help with homework? In one study College students exposed to the color red before taking a test did significantly worse than students exposed to black or green. Also, placing a green tint over reading material has been shown to increase reading comprehension and speed. #KnowledgeDrop

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