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Top Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in 2022: Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Professionals in Wheaton, Illinois

The kitchen cabinets in your home serve many functions — they store everything from food to cooking equipment to dishware and more. Like any element of your home, there will come a time when your kitchen cabinets start to look outdated. Fortunately, all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to give your cabinets new life.

As the premier kitchen cabinet painting company in Wheaton, Illinois, the professionals at Prime Time Painting know a thing or two about doing a quality paint job to bring your kitchen to life. Here are our recommendations for the best cabinet colors that will add instant charm to your kitchen:

  1. White: When it comes to kitchen cabinet paint colors, you cannot go wrong with white. It is sleek and modern, goes with virtually any kitchen style, and allows other design elements to stand out. If you have a smaller kitchen, painting the cabinets white can also make it look airier and more spacious. One thing to note here is that white paint tends to highlight imperfections. If you want to paint your cabinets white, it’s recommended that you partner with a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Wheaton, Illinois.
  2. Gray: Gray is an elegant, timeless color that plays well with any kitchen cabinet style. It is a fantastic neutral that complements kitchen and dining room furniture and existing kitchen décor. Plus, as your kitchen cabinet painting company in Wheaton will point out, there’s a nearly endless selection of wall colors that complement gray kitchen cabinets.
  3. Navy blue: Navy blue is a striking color, yet it is also refined and neutral. It looks beautiful in a contemporary, rustic, or mid-century modern kitchen. If you do not want to go all-in on navy blue cabinets, you can go for a two-toned aesthetic by pairing navy blue and white for a refreshing, eye-catching effect. Navy blue goes well with any color of cabinet pulls and knobs, but we especially love it with warm-toned metals like brass.
  4. Taupe: There is a good reason taupe is a popular paint color with Wheaton homeowners — it is a timeless shade with a soothing, inviting vibe that works beautifully with both modern and traditional kitchens. Taupe is a pleasant color that is equal parts cool and warm. Taupe cabinets add richness to a kitchen with white walls.
  5. Dark green: A kitchen with stunning dark green cabinets is eye-catching and adds just the right amount of drama. Most importantly, it complements just about any kitchen style — whether it be farmhouse, modern, or traditional. What we love about dark green is how it adds warmth and coziness to the kitchen without becoming overly dominant.
  6. Black: Why not experiment with black kitchen cabinets? Black is intense and dark, but it is also stylish and makes a statement. Black cabinets add a contemporary touch to your space. Black cabinets create a beautiful farmhouse aesthetic when paired with natural wood elements. Black kitchen cabinets look especially stunning in a kitchen with lots of natural light.
  7. Greige: Greige, which is neither beige nor gray, is one of our favorite paint colors since it is warm, sophisticated, and flattering in all kitchen styles. When done by a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Wheaton, Illinois, greige cabinets look especially great against lighter colored walls.

If you are unsure what color to paint your kitchen cabinets, considering all the modern trends is a great starting point. But, in the end, you’ll want to pick a color (or two, if you are going for that two-tone aesthetic) that speaks to you and complements your kitchen.

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