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Residential Painting Solutions

When tackling a home’s painting – whether refreshing existing paint or doing a whole new paint job – homeowners need to make sure they utilize the right team. At Prime Time Painting, we don’t just offer painting work, but instead we offer residential painting solutions. This translates to a job well done every single time. Have a concern about what color to choose? We can help with that. Have questions about stripping the paint on your home’s living room wall? We have the tools for that too. In short, our team hasthe residential painting professionals you need and deserve.

House Painting

The house painting jobs performed by Prime Time Painting are all treated with the same philosophy: we perform the very best work no matter the task.We insist on the highest quality painters for our staff, and we expect nothing less than our customer’s complete satisfaction. From start to finish, any house painting job we complete has satisfied homeowners.

Wall Painting

We offer wall painting for any room in the home. Whether it’s a nursery or a new home office, our crew meets with you before any paintbrush is dipped. We ensure that the job will be done correctly the first time, and so the meeting upfront is crucial. This is the time where you line out what exactly you want the wall to look like, if you want it to have texture, and even if there are parameters with what particular wall you want painted.

Handling Painting Supply

When it comes to the actual job itself, the Prime Time Painting team tackles the gathering of materials: we are in charge of handling the painting supply. We match your specifications with our supply, and if we don’t have the color you want most, we can get it for you. There should be no compromising when it comes to the paint you select.

Painting Cost

Purchasing paint and the painters to perform the job can seem costly at first. You may even wonder if the painting cost is really worth it. We ensure that it is. With the cost of the job, you get…

  • Complete satisfaction
  • Job done right the first time
  • No fighting between you and other family members during the painting process
  • Long-lasting results

In fact, we’d even argue that with paying the upfront painting cost, you’re preventing possible future arguments. This is because home renovations can legitimately be stressful and can sometimes lead to unnecessary fighting.

Let Us Be Your Solution

Don’t let a paint job be the end of a lousy weekend, don’t let it lead to a stressful argument, and don’t tackle a project that you might have to redo. Have the pros at Prime Time offer you residential painting solutions! Contact or call us at [phone]

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