Dark gray painted cabinets in a kitchen in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Color: Insights from a Hoffman Estates Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

Choosing a kitchen cabinet color is one of the major decisions you’ll have to make if you are planning a kitchen renovation. The color of the kitchen cabinets not only affects the mood, but also dictates how other design elements fit in the space.

Traditional kitchens often use colors like white and cream, whereas modern kitchens tend to experiment with different contrasting tones and brighter colors that might integrate with the entire home.

In this post, we’ll discuss several tips to help you choose a color when painting the kitchen cabinets in your Hoffman Estates home:

1. Lighting

Lighting is important to consider whenever you are deciding on any shade of paint. In the kitchen, you usually want the lighting to be more prominent near the countertops or the kitchen island. So, when choosing a color for the cabinets, think of where you want the eye to be drawn. Often times, picking a cabinet color that contrasts with the color of the countertops can look appealing and stand out.

2. Size

The size of the kitchen is also a key factor to consider. Lighter colored kitchen cabinets will make a small kitchen look and feel more spacious, while darker colors will work better for a larger, well-lit kitchen space.

3. Contrast

Like we mentioned above, contrasting colors can make your kitchen look more appealing, especially when combined with the right lighting. For example, dark brown or grey can look stunning when used with creamy white kitchen designs. Alternatively, a light kitchen with dark cabinets can also look modern and sleek.

4. Multiple Colors

If you want to venture on the side of being bold, you could use a splash of multiple colors in the kitchen. For example, the cabinets and woodwork of the kitchen island could be painted a different color from the rest of the cabinetry to help it stand out as a focal point.

5. Mood

What mood do you want to set in your kitchen? Bright, calm, or adventurous? Since the cabinets take up most of the visual space in the kitchen, it is recommended that you first select the color of the cabinets based on the mood you are going for, and then work on choosing other colors for areas such as the backsplash and appliances.

6. Type of Finish

There are a couple of different options available when it comes to kitchen cabinet finishing. If you have wooden cabinets, you could consider staining the wood with a color of your choice. Alternatively, you could choose to give your painted cabinets a distressed finish. You could also add various elements of interest, such as using multiple shades of the same color.

7. Buyer’s Preference

Are you planning to sell the house soon? If so, you’ll want to think about colors that potential buyers would like. Think along the lines of choosing colors and contrast that will make the kitchen look warm and welcoming. It’s best to pick universally accepted bright, light, and neutral colors so that a potential buyer can easily envision the space as their own.

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