Exterior house painting company in Elburn, Illinois

Understanding Exterior House Painting and Color Choices: Insights from an Exterior Painting Company in Elburn, Illinois

Are you looking for ways to revamp your Elburn home? How about giving your home’s exterior a new look? Applying a fresh coat of paint is a great way to completely transform the appearance of your home.

The exterior of your house plays a huge role in how people perceive it. Below, this exterior house painting company in Elburn, Illinois is going to discuss some things you should know about painting your home, and we’ll also discuss some of the latest color trends to consider.

Things You Should Know About Exterior Painting

The key to successful exterior painting for your Elburn, Illinois house lies in the preparation. It includes steps such as determining your paint color of choice and being aware of the paint job’s longevity.

Factors that Lead to Paint Damage

Aside from the timeframe, many factors affect the durability of a paint job. The most common reasons are the weather and climate. For example, being in direct sunlight all summer makes paint bubble and fade quicker.

How you care for and maintain the exterior of your house also influences the lifespan of a paint job. Do regular inspections for signs of wear and tear around your house. Clean the accumulated dirt and moss clinging to the paint before it causes further damages.

How Can You Make It Last?

Now that you’re familiar with the causes that can affect your paint job, here’s how you can prolong its quality.

  • A quality primer matters: Primer acts as the base coat for almost any painting job. It also ensures that paint adheres to the surface better.
  • The number of coats applied: Multiple coats increases the lifespan of a paint job. The additional layer of paint will help protect your Elburn house from damages caused by weather or other elements.
  • Avoid painting in direct sunlight: When it comes to exterior house painting, it is more advisable to do it at a cooler temperature. Extreme heat from direct sunlight causes the paint to dry faster. It can lead to unevenness and visible brush strokes.

Interesting Paint Color Schemes to Checkout

1. Monochromatic Schemes

If not carefully planned, choosing a single-color scheme for your Elburn, Illinois exterior color paint can look boring and outdated. Instead, you should choose an accent area on your house and paint it with a darker or lighter shade.

2. Elegant Color Schemes

Give your home a more sophisticated touch by choosing a few accent colors. This works well with classic home styles because it doesn’t defeat the traditional forms. The right color scheme will help you stand out in your Elburn neighborhood.

3. Neutral Color Scheme

You can emphasize your exterior color paint without going for bright paint colors. Settling for an all-neutral palette gives off a sleek look when paired with black accents. Use white color paint on the other exterior parts to keep that clean and crisp look.

4. Blue Color Scheme

If you’re aiming to add appeal to your white paint, choosing blue undertones is complementary. White siding with blue undertones can look more striking when paired with a bright blue front door or powder blue shutters.

Looking for a Professional Exterior Painting Company in Elburn, Illinois?

When trying to find the right exterior paint color for your home, one of the best pieces of advice is to not overthink it. Instead, it’s best to evaluate your house, and from there, figure out which colors will work best. If you’re still unsure, you can always reach out to the professionals.

If you’re looking for a professional exterior painting company in Elburn, Illinois, look no further than Prime Time Painting. Contact us today at (630) 920-3300 to request a free quote.