Exterior painting company in Warrenville Illinois

Four Questions to Ask a Prospective Exterior Painting Company: Insights from an Exterior Painting Company in Warrenville, Illinois

When hiring a Warrenville exterior painting company, it is important to ask the right questions.

It is not as simple as asking them to paint your home’s siding and trim. Before you agree to any service, it’s important that you ask a series of questions to determine if the painters who are coming to your home are qualified for the job.

Here are a few questions you should ask a prospective exterior painting company in Warrenville, Illinois before hiring them to work on your home:

1. Do you provide free estimates?

The first question you should ask an exterior painting company in Warrenville, Illinois is if they provide price estimates. If you hire a company that does not provide free estimates, you will most likely be unsure how much the paint job will cost. Not all exterior painting companies offer free estimates, but those that do are generally more reputable and reliable than those that do not.

Painting companies estimate the cost of a paint job by looking at the exterior of your home and asking you questions about the kind of paint job you want. They often do not account for any extra costs that may come up during the painting process — such as the use of an expensive primer on certain parts of your façade or the need for multiple coats of paint.

2. What are your credentials?

You should always get insurance information from a prospective painting company. They should be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance for their business, ensuring they have enough coverage should anyone get injured or if there is any property damage when they are painting your exterior walls.

Hiring a licensed company means that they have undergone rigorous training and passed all necessary exams before being allowed to paint other people’s homes.

3. Can you share a list of references?

Requesting references is a great way to see how an exterior painting company in Warrenville, Illinois has performed on previous jobs. You can request the contact information of some of your prospective company’s past customers so you can call them and inquire about their experience with this company. If they were satisfied with the services provided, you can be confident that you will be satisfied as well.

Painting companies should have no issue providing references upon request since it is an easy way for them to prove their worth as a company and allow future customers such as yourself to check them out before choosing them.

4. Do you offer any warranty?

Another vital question to ask is if they provide any type of warranty for their work. Most reputable exterior painting companies in Warrenville, Illinois will gladly provide a written warranty for their services, ensuring that if there are problems with the paint job within a certain period (typically about one year), they will return to fix those problems.

A warranty is a great way to ensure that your exterior painting project is done right and that it will look good year-round — particularly if you have issues with humidity or severe weather conditions. If you inquire about warranties during your first phone call, you can request a copy of the warranty before the painting crew shows up at your home.

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