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2021 Color Trends for Exterior House Painting: Insights from an Exterior Painting Company in Kildeer, Illinois

If you’ve lived in your home for decades, it may be time to repaint your house to give it a fresher, more vibrant look. Repainting a home can rejuvenate its appearance. However, when planning to repaint, it is best to pick a time when the climate and weather in your area are ideal for painting.

As any reputable exterior house painting company in Kildeer, Illinois will tell you, it’s best to paint your home between the months of May and October. This is because the weather is warmest during these months, making it ideal for the paint to dry and adhere properly.

The Advantages of Painting Your Home During the Warmer Months

Repainting the exterior of your house during the warmer months is the best time to repaint for the following reasons:

  • Predictable Weather Conditions. Scheduling an exterior house painting in Kildeer, Illinois during the warmer months may provide weather that will be dry for the project’s duration. While the spring and fall seasons will give you a more comfortable temperature for a large outdoor painting project, the weather is still very unpredictable. As a result, you may end up having a newly painted house getting rained on.
  • Faster Drying Time. You should apply paint only on dry surfaces. Likewise, it would be best if you dried a coating of paint before adding another coat. A surface that is dry to the touch may still have lots of moisture trapped beneath. When painted over, this moisture may create trapped bubbles and other issues that will affect your paint’s overall quality. Schedule your exterior house painting in Kildeer, Illinois, during the warmer months. The many successive rainy-free days will ensure that your exterior walls are dry and moisture-free, and perfect for repainting.
  • Faster Curing Time. Summer is also the perfect time to undergo an exterior house painting in Kildeer, Illinois because it gives you the largest window for optimal temperatures for the paint to cure properly. Paint drying and paint curing are two different things. Drying happens when the solvents from the paint evaporate into the atmosphere leaving the paint dry to the touch.

However, the inside coating of the paint is not yet 100% dry and hard. Paint curing happens when the layer of paint has reached its maximum hardness. Paint that is allowed to cure properly will result in a better finish and longer lifespan.

Choosing a Trending Color for Your Home Exterior

When starting an exterior house painting, you can enhance your house’s curb appeal by applying a fresh coat of the same color. But, why not take this opportunity to change the exterior color of your home.

Paint manufacturers will have the hot new external house colors that are trending for 2021. There has been a noticeable trend in exterior house colors from the traditional bright whites into more statement-making palettes such as bold black, rich charcoal, vibrant green, and warm white.

  • All-Black Exteriors. Monochromatic black facades have become trending external house colors for 2021. These colors will look beautiful when contrasted with the home’s surrounding greenery. However, for homeowners who do not want to fully commit to a dark color, monochromatic black for front doors, shutters, and trimmings will create a modern focal point.
  • Warm Whites and Creams. Homeowners have shifted from bright whites to colors with restful energy, such as warm whites and cream. This color combination will look sophisticated, especially when paired with darker trims and accents.

Looking for a Professional Exterior House Painting Company in Kildeer, Illinois?

It’s ideal to have your home painted during the warmer months to ensure a quick, high-quality paint job. If you’re looking to partner with the premier exterior house painting company in Kildeer, Illinois, Prime Time Painting is the company to call. Contact us today at (630) 920-3300 to request a free quote.