Interior painting contractor at a house in Barrington, Illinois

Things to Consider Before Painting Your Home’s Interior: Insights from a Painting Contractor in Barrington, Illinois

If you are thinking about taking on a home improvement project this summer, interior house painting in Barrington, Illinois may be at the top of your to-do list.

One of the easiest ways to update the interior of your home is with paint. Determining a budget, researching options, getting supplies organized, and knowing what to prep ensure that your painting project is successful. Failure to pick the right tools or select the proper materials can result in delays. To ensure that you are truly prepared, here are some things to consider:

Is DIY Right for You?

Assess if you want a DYI project. The task of interior house painting in Barrington, Illinois, can be time-consuming. If you have doubts, hiring a professional may be the better option.

Manage Your Budget

Paint comes in a broad range of brands, textures, finishes, and colors, which affects the price. The cheapest brand is not always the best choice as it doesn’t provide as much coverage or longevity. You must weigh these issues when you plan your project.

Assess Your Home Size

The size of your Barrington, Illinois home can determine how much money and time you need to complete your project. Remember, it is not just the painting time, but also the prep and cleanup that needs to be factored.

Examine What Needs Fixing

Before you embark on your interior paint project for your Barrington, Illinois home, you should identify any issue that needs to be fixed. Prior to painting, you should move and cover any furniture that will remain in the room. You should also protect your floor from drips. Above all, don’t forget to fix holes or cracks. Repairing the drywall before beginning your project is a must.

Check Your Tool Kit

If you are doing a DIY project, you will need a broad range of tools to get things done. A roller brush for broader coverage will help. Meanwhile, a small brush for tiny crevices and other sponges will help you get an even finish. You will need a ladder for the hard-to-reach spots and paper or tarp to cover the floor. If you have not done a DIY paint job or it has been a while, research the best methods for painting.

Think of the Paint Color

Before you begin, finalize the colors you want to work with. If you want a cozy family feel in the family room, warm color combos work well. In contrast, bold and deep colors may work well for your children’s rooms. If you are looking for inspiration, research different design trends. You should test the colors on your wall prior to painting.

Pick the Right Sheen

Where paint is concerned, the finish makes a big difference. You have various types to choose from, like gloss, matte, satin, or eggshell. For instance, high-traffic areas like the kitchen and hallways will do well with a satin or gloss finish as these paints hold up well to touch. You can also clean them easily with a wet rag. However, they do show imperfections. Meanwhile, a matte finish cannot endure much touching, but they do camouflage wall flaws well.

Looking for an Interior House Painting Contractor in Barrington, Illinois?

If all these steps seem overwhelming, it might be better to call the professionals. Our team at Prime Time Painting can work within your budget to deliver a final result that you’ll love. With our help, your interior painting project will be finished in no time. Contact us at 630-920-3300 or 630-601-8390 to request a free painting consultation and estimate.