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Things to Consider When Repainting Your Kitchen Walls: Tips from an Interior Painting Company in Wheaton, Illinois

Many Wheaton homeowners are eager to update their kitchens, but unfortunately, the process can be time-consuming and costly. While a complete kitchen remodel may not be in the cards, even something as simple as giving the walls a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference to the look and feel of the room.

When painting your kitchen walls, there are a few key things you should keep in mind to achieve the best results. This interior painting company in Wheaton, Illinois is going to explain below.


Some of the walls in your kitchen are likely the dirtiest in your home. This is inevitable when cooking and preparing meals. Before you start painting your walls, your interior painting company in Wheaton, Illinois will recommend scrubbing the walls to remove any dirt and debris.


It is important to pay attention to any stubborn stains. These may be water stains, which could be a sign of a leak somewhere. You should get this looked at before you start painting over them. Oil splatter can also leave behind stains that are hard to remove. You can remove tough stains with a solution made up of three parts vinegar and two parts water.


You will have to do a lot of moving about and rearranging before you even start painting your kitchen walls. If you can, move your appliances towards the center of the room. This will ensure you have plenty of room to work with. Because kitchens in most ​​Wheaton homes may or may not be spacious, you may find it easier to paint in sections rather than all at once.


Paint residue on surfaces and furniture can be very difficult to get rid of. Any experienced interior painting company in Wheaton, Illinois will advise you to cover any appliances that are too heavy to move with a tarp. Do not overlook the importance of protecting your kitchen floor. It is easy to accidentally track paint throughout the kitchen and even into other rooms when walking back and forth across the kitchen floor. Make sure that you use a drop cloth or a tarp to catch any spills.


Your color choice When choosing a color for your kitchen walls, you should consider the mood you want to create. Yellows and blues are cheerful colors that will give the impression of more space. Darker colors tend to make a room look and feel smaller, but they can also add interest to the setting. If you are looking for something unique, you can create a statement by painting an accent wall in a vibrant shade. Be sure to choose colors that go well with your existing cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures in the room. This will ensure that your kitchen has a cohesive and modern appearance.

There is a lot to consider when painting your kitchen walls, but you will be well-prepared for the work that lies ahead when you are armed with the right knowledge. If you need assistance at any point during your project, do not hesitate to reach out to a reputable interior painting company in Wheaton, Illinois.

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