Painting kitchen cabinets white in Bartlett, Illinois

A User’s Manual for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets: Insights from a Bartlett Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

Attempting to paint the cabinets in your Bartlett kitchen may seem like a very difficult task at first. The task becomes all the more complicated if you do not have a lot of prior painting experience. Though it is a bit tricky, your cabinet painting project could turn out very well as long as you follow our guide below.

Some Bartlett homeowners mistake the task of painting their kitchen cabinets to be as easy as a weekend DIY project. Unfortunately, that is not the truth. In reality, there is a lot of work that must go into a kitchen cabinet painting project in order to see the results you want. Here are the steps to follow when painting your kitchen cabinets:

Preparing Your Kitchen Cabinet to Be Painted

  1. Remove the cabinet doors with a screwdriver, and thoroughly wipe them down to remove any grease or food residue on the surface. Make sure you set aside and clearly label the screws, hinges, and hardware, as this will be helpful when reassembling the cabinets at the end of the project.
  2. After the first step is complete, it’s time to sand the surfaces of the cupboards and wipe away any dust from the surface of the cabinets.
  3. Once you are done wiping down the cabinets, the areas that do not need to be painted should be masked off.
  4. The next step is to empty all the drawers and cabinets.

All of the steps reviewed above explain the preparation work that must be done before you can actually start painting your kitchen cabinets. Now that the prep work is out of the way, here are the steps to follow when painting:

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Apply a coat of primer to all surfaces of the cabinets, then leave them to dry.
  2. After the surfaces have dried, the paint can then be introduced to them. To achieve a smooth finish, it is recommended that you coat the surfaces with very thin layers of paint. You should allow plenty of time between coats to let the surfaces dry. It will take multiple coats of paint to get a professional-looking finish, so it’s important to be patient throughout this part of the process.
  3. After allowing plenty of time for the cabinets to dry completely, you can then reassemble the cabinets and reattach the hardware. The process is now complete, and you can enjoy the new look of your kitchen!

One final word of caution to everyone who might be intent on painting their kitchen cabinets is that the cabinets are bound to face some wear and tear. Regardless of the caution and care administered while painting the cabinets, most DIY paint jobs will only last for about six to seven years before they will need to be repainted again.

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