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Is Painting Your Cabinets More Cost Effective Than Replacing Them? Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts in Barrington, Illinois

The cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets is a major consideration when remodeling your kitchen. Material prices seem to be higher than they have ever been, and turnaround times are taking longer.

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is a simple solution that will save you both time and money in the long run. In comparison to a complete replacement, this process is much quicker and can be completed in days rather than weeks.

Most homeowners love the fact that they can save money by simply having their cabinets repainted. But the amount they will save depends on the specifics of the project. Below, this kitchen cabinet painting company in Barrington, Illinois is going to explain some of the factors that can affect the final price.

The approach

Depending on your wishes, some kitchen cabinet painting companies in Barrington, Illinois may not completely repaint your kitchen cabinets. Your old cabinets — including the hardware — have the option of being covered with a simple veneer or thermofoil. Though this is the most affordable approach to cabinet painting, it is by no means the most durable. Cabinets are made more vulnerable because of this approach — in other words, there will be no easy way to restore them if they are damaged.

Furthermore, after the veneer has been applied, it is almost impossible to remove it without causing damage to the underlying wood. You could end up paying for a complete replacement if you are dissatisfied with the result.

Material considerations

There are several considerations to be made when repainting your kitchen cabinets, which include the following:

The style of your new cabinet doors and drawer fronts will affect the project’s total cost. You can choose from a raised panel or Shaker design to the most elaborate style with glass panel fronts and custom crown molding on the upper cabinets.

The size

The cost of your kitchen remodel will be significantly influenced by the size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets you have. As you might expect, kitchens with small, tight layouts will generally be more affordable to remodel than kitchens with large, open designs. However, regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can be confident that you are saving money by partnering with a kitchen cabinet painting company in Barrington, Illinois as opposed to replacing your cabinets.

You can then use the savings made on repainting to make other improvements. Some of the most common improvements that Barrington homeowners make at the same time as cabinet repainting include new kitchen appliances, a backsplash tile, new wall paint, and a kitchen rug.

Whether you want a warm, rustic aesthetic, or something more minimal and contemporary, your budget will stretch considerably farther, and you will still be able to transform your kitchen.

Additional upgrades

The cost of your kitchen cabinet painting project can drastically increase if you pay attention to the finer details. These include replacing the hardware and adding new features, such as a pull-out trash can.

Adding finishing techniques such as glazing, antiquing, and torching to your kitchen cabinet project are other areas where you may want to upgrade. If you have a specific vision in mind, you can always discuss it with your kitchen cabinet painting company in Barrington, Illinois.

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