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How to Get a Crisp White Finish When Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Tips from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts in Naperville, Illinois

Are you thinking about taking on a kitchen cabinet painting project on your own? Before you do, there are some key things you should know. No matter what color you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets, it is crucial that you prepare them properly by sanding them down and removing any grease and dirt.

Are you hoping to achieve a crisp, clean white finish for your kitchen cabinets? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This kitchen cabinet painting company in Naperville, Illinois is going to provide some tips below.

Use a primer.

We are firm believers in primer. And for this job, specifically, you should seal off the old color to achieve a clean surface for the new paint.

In addition to preventing the base color from bleeding, the primer will help the paint adhere and protect the wood surface from moisture in the kitchen.

Choose the right color.

Contrary to popular belief, white does not have to be boring. In fact, there are plenty of whites on today’s market that are anything but plain. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White (SW 6787) has just enough blue and green undertones that look perfect against wood tones like oak or pine. It also hides dirt well and looks beautiful when paired with other whites for an open-concept design. If you need help finding the perfect color for your cabinets, do not hesitate to contact a kitchen cabinet painting company in Naperville, Illinois.

Get the tools for the job.

Most professional kitchen cabinet painting companies in Naperville, Illinois use two different types of paint brushes: an all-purpose brush for large surfaces, and a smaller sash brush for tight spaces. You can buy either style at your local hardware store.

A high-quality roller will make quick work of painting kitchen cabinets in white. Invest in quality brushes that fit tightly with your roller; cheap ones tend to shed bristles and leave little white messes all over your cabinets.

Your choice of paper coverings depends on how many coats you are painting — if you are doing one coat, 150-grit paper works fine; if you plan on covering it twice, go with 220 grit instead. Sanding is optional, depending on how smooth you want your cabinets. If they are already smooth, to begin with, sanding is not necessary; if they have some bumps and ridges from years of wear, give them a light sanding before applying any primer or paint.

Finally, choose your finish carefully. Some cabinet paints are designed to be painted without stripping down first (direct-to-finish paints), while others need to be stripped down before painting (preparation paints). Choose correctly based on what type of surface you have underneath. For example, latex primers are used under oil finishes, while oil primers are used under latex finishes.

Use painter’s tape.

You’ll want to mask off any areas of your cabinets that you don’t want painted — tape off shelves and door frames with painter’s tape. Professional kitchen cabinet painting companies in Naperville, Illinois will also use paper or cloth towels as drop cloths to protect your flooring and other areas. Remove all hardware from your cabinets before you start, as this will make the cleanup easier later.

The final touch — clear varnish.

Clear varnish is an optional coat you can apply over your white kitchen cabinets after they have dried. This simple final step will protect your new paint job from scratches and any possible future damage. It also helps your freshly painted cabinets look more finished and makes them easier to clean. Apply two coats of clear varnish and allow it time to dry before re-installing hardware or using your cabinets.

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