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Five Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your Cabinets: Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts in Oak Brook, Illinois

If you’re a fan of do-it-yourself projects and have been scrolling through social media, chances are, you may have thought about painting your kitchen cabinets. However, instead of hiring professionals, some homeowners believe they can save time and money by painting their cabinets on their own.

Although it might appear easy, painting your kitchen cabinets is not as simple as you might think. Below, this kitchen cabinet painting company in Oak Brook, Illinois is going to discuss five common mistakes to avoid when painting your cabinets.

You expect too much

Achieving a smooth look is not as simple as some people assume.

For example, when you have visible open grain cabinets, the texture can show through the paint and can be more visible once the paint dries. If you want a smooth surface, you need to apply putty, which could be more work than you initially thought.

You’re impatient

One mistake that DIYers in Oak Brook, Illinois make is that they are sometimes too excited to see the outcome of their projects. Unfortunately, this results in imperfections on the paint, like fingerprints.

If you do not hire a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Oak Brook, Illinois, it usually takes around four to seven days to paint them on your own, depending on how many cabinets you need to paint. Of course, it would depend on whether you have to take out the cabinet doors to prep, sand, or even dry.

Not cleaning the wood before painting

Even if you think your kitchen is clean from top to bottom, you always have to clean the surfaces that you have to paint beforehand with a grease remover. This ensures that you don’t paint over grease residue and other kitchen stains on your cabinets.

Any reputable kitchen cabinet painting company in Oak Brook, Illinois will recommend using a paint prep degreaser or a TSP and a delicate scrub that is non-scratch for tough grease stains.

Not removing the doors and drawers

This is a common mistake among novice DIYers in Oak Brook, Illinois. Taking off all the doors and the drawers is a step that you shouldn’t skip.

When you paint over the hinges or any moving parts in your cabinets, the paint on the hardware will begin to chip almost immediately. The only solution to this is to sand everything and soak the hardware so that the paint can come off. So save yourself the hassle and remove everything before you begin.

Not correctly labelling and organizing where everything should go

Although screws and hinges may look alike, and you might feel confident that the parts are interchangeable, that might not be the case. These parts might have imprinted their unique shape on the wood — that’s why they might not work anywhere else.

Make sure you properly label each piece as you take it off. Next, put the screws in a container where you can’t lose them, and mark the hinges to match the area where you got them. This should allow all the parts to go back together easily.

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