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Five Things You Should Know Before Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets: Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pros in Palatine, Illinois

Are you ready to make a difference in your kitchen without going through the expense and inconvenience of sourcing and installing all-new everything? When done right, a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can completely transform the aesthetic of your kitchen — and the best part is that it can be done on a minimal budget.

Before you start, there are some things you should be aware of. This kitchen cabinet painting company in Palatine, Illinois is going to explain below.

1. The ideal material is wood.

A kitchen cabinet painting company in Palatine, Illinois may recommend painting your cabinets if they are made from quality wood. However, painting is quite forgiving: any material that can be scuffed up with sandpaper so that the paint adheres well is ideal for painting. This is not possible with laminates, which is why the results are not always great when you try to paint over them.

2. Label each cabinet panel.

When it comes to removing kitchen cabinet doors from their hinges and drawers from their slots, you will need to devise a system to keep track of where everything is supposed to go. To make it easier to put the parts back where they belong once they have dried, draw a simple diagram, and label each part correctly. In addition, you will need painter’s tape: carefully wrap hinges, hardware, and edges with tape, and counters with red rosin paper or brown builder’s paper to protect them from damage. As with any painting project, the more thorough the prep work, the better the finished product will be.

3. Time for a deep clean.

No, you will not be able to store food in your kitchen cabinets when you are painting. But do not worry — this can be an excellent opportunity to organize what you already have. Take everything out, organize it, and toss out anything no longer needed. You will also need to spend some time cleaning your cabinets thoroughly — both inside and out — with a kitchen degreaser to get rid of any residue or spills that have accumulated over time. While painting your cabinets, keep your food items in a different room. Once your cabinets are finished and fully dry, bring everything back and organize them.

4. Return from black.

Of course, you can easily paint your light-colored cabinets in a darker, more contemporary shade if you want to change their aesthetic. That said, if you have gotten bored of dark colors (such as blue iris that was hot a few years ago), do not worry — you can easily soften the color of your cabinets with minimal effort.

As any kitchen cabinet painting company in Palatine, Illinois knows, prep work is vital. Therefore, consider tinting the primer to a slightly lighter shade to match the final color.

5. The magic number is between 2 and 2.5.

Instead of using a paint roller, you can use a fine bristle brush with a diameter of 2” to 2 ½” to get the best finish. This brush can get into the smallest of corners and details. However, if you are going to use a paint roller, most kitchen cabinet painting companies in Palatine will recommend using a small roller that fits snugly on smaller surfaces. Next, go over the surface with a brush to remove any roller marks/excessive stipple and get into any tight spots.

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