Kitchen cabinet painting company in Streamwood Illinois

Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets: Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Professionals in Streamwood, Illinois

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home, the kitchen is one of the best places to start. You don’t need to spend a fortune to give your space a new look and feel. By re-doing your kitchen cabinets, you can transform the entire space, giving it a fresh look and feel. Plus, these types of projects are not overly time-consuming, which is why so many Streamwood homeowners choose to have it done.

There are plenty of ways to update your kitchen cabinets — such as repainting, refinishing, and re-staining. This kitchen cabinet painting company in Streamwood, Illinois is going to discuss these options below.


Old kitchen cabinets can look dull, worn, and unappealing, especially when the paint is peeling and chipping. If they have no structural issues, you can give them a makeover by partnering with a kitchen cabinet painting company in Streamwood, Illinois. A fresh layer of paint can make all the difference and make your cabinets look fresh and new.

When repainting your cabinets, the color will be a critical decision. Whatever color you choose will set the mood in your kitchen. Here are some tips you can use to decide on a color:

  • Bright colors can make small kitchens look bigger
  • Neutral colors are recommended if you plan to sell your home soon
  • Use classic colors like cream or white for traditional kitchens
  • Find a color that complements your wall color to create contrast
  • Utilize the principles of color psychology


Refacing is another cost-effective way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and make them look new again. On average, this process costs 30-50% less than replacements in Streamwood, Illinois, so if your cabinets are still in good condition, you may want to go with this option. Other than the cost benefits, refacing also has a quicker turnaround since it is simpler to do.

Refacing is done by removing the doors and drawers in your cabinet, then adding a new layer of wood veneer or laminate on the surface. When refacing your cabinets, you also get versatile design options in terms of materials and stain colors. For example, popular real wood veneers include maple, cherry, walnut, and oak.

Some refacing projects also use rigid thermofoil (RTF), which is a type of vinyl laminate that can be shaped into different designs to give your cabinets more detail and texture.


Re-staining is another cabinet upgrade option that costs just a fraction of replacement but can transform how your kitchen looks in Streamwood, Illinois. While this may seem like a minor makeover, you might be surprised at how big of a difference it can also make for wooden cabinets.

There are two main stains to choose from. The first is a tinted varnish, which gives a more subtle effect by enhancing the look of your cabinet’s wood with a new sheen. The second is a gel stain, which you can use if you want to change the color of your stain. However, this option is only suitable if you want to get a darker stain.

Looking for a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company in Streamwood, Illinois?

Re-doing your kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to renovate your kitchen. However, with all the preparations that are required in advance, the process can be tricky and complicated.

As a result, many homeowners choose to partner with a kitchen cabinet painting company in Streamwood, Illinois to carry out the work. If you are looking to partner with the professionals, Prime Time Painting is the company to call. Contact us today at 630-920-3300 to schedule an appointment for your painting project.