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Top Sherwin-Williams Kitchen Cabinet Colors to Inspire You: Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pros in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

A new paint job is a simple and low-cost option to update your kitchen cabinets. Whether you like a clean, neutral aesthetic, or vibrant, eye-catching hues, Sherwin-Williams has a wide selection of paint colors that are sure to inspire. This kitchen cabinet painting company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois is going to review some of the most popular options below.


Fresh, earthy greens look great in the kitchen and help create a relaxing atmosphere. They foster creativity and fun while remaining grounded and comforting. We are seeing mid-tone greens pop up in kitchens this year, offering something newer than the deeper, more regal emerald colors that have been popular.

Here are three popular options that your kitchen cabinet painting company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois may present to you:

  • Talipot Palm (SW 6726): This fun and refreshing green will brighten any space. It serves as a striking cabinet color when paired with other natural colors and textures, but you can also use it in subtle ways in other areas of the kitchen, such as an island.
  • Garden Spot (SW 6432): Garden Spot is a more understated, mossy green. It works nicely to even out a dark kitchen and adds some personality to it.
  • Retro Mint (SW 9036): This gray-green shade looks well in various settings and is a very refreshing and energetic color.


Blues are timeless in any area of the home — particularly the kitchen. These refined and sophisticated tones will be even more popular in 2022. Many kitchen cabinet painting companies in Glen Ellyn, Illinois have noticed a recent trend toward deeper blues, which offer depth when coupled with neutrals like white or cream.

Here are three options you can consider:

  • Indigo Batik (SW 7602): Blue with smoky gray undertones, this color works well in various settings. It has captivated people’s attention with its fluid charm and versatility.
  • Smoky Azurite (SW 9148): Smoky Azurite is on the lighter side of the spectrum and is also expected to appear in a great number of kitchens this year. This playful and lively color will instantly bring charm to your Glen Ellyn home. When paired with neutral darks, this color adds a dazzling flair and cheerfulness to your kitchen.
  • Capri (SW 6788): Capri — the lightest of this year’s top three blues — has a slate blue quality evocative of old Americana style, but it is also versatile enough to shine in contemporary kitchens as well.

Neutral and White

It is no surprise that white is still a popular kitchen color. With an unrivaled clean and timeless aesthetic and the ability to make small spaces look more spacious, all indications point to this being a popular choice for homeowners.

However, the best thing about paint colors is their unlimited customization possibilities. With just a little subtlety, the white you choose can significantly impact the tone the room conveys.

Some of the options you can consider include:

  • Dover White (SW 6385): We love how this warm and velvety white has a depth that adds intrigue and character to any room.
  • Summer White (SW 7557): Summer White is another warm white shade that goes well with earthy tones and metallic accents.
  • Nebulous White (SW 7063): Nebulous white has a blue tinge that complements cool tones and dark wood and stone.

Color of the Year 2022

Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) — Sherwin Williams’ 2022 color of the year — is a greenish-gray with a touch of blue. When used in large areas, it makes quite a statement, but it is also versatile enough to be a refined and subtle accent color.

Most kitchen cabinet painting companies in Glen Ellyn, Illinois will suggest mixing this shade with natural earth tones like Soji White, Urbane Bronze (SW’s 2021 color of the year), and Uber Umber. This color is soothing and adds a fresh appearance to the space.

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