White painted kitchen cabinets at a house in La Grange, Illinois

Give New Life to Your Kitchen by Painting the Cabinets: Insights from a Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company in La Grange, Illinois

If your kitchen looks old and outdated, you should consider painting the cabinets to refresh and revitalize the space. This is one of the best things you can do to inject new life into an outdated space. A fresh coat of paint is so much more affordable than going for an all-out kitchen remodel. Plus, the cabinets generally take up the most surface area in the kitchen, so any changes you make to them provide a big impact. If you are thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets in La Grange, Illinois, here are some things to keep in mind:

Paint Can Revive Your Kitchen Cabinets

Thanks to today’s technology, you have so many options when it comes to colors and designs. Paint provides a very affordable way to upgrade the look of your kitchen cabinets. You can do it yourself with a traditional brush, or you can hire a professional to spray paint. The latter provides the following perks:

  • Results in a smooth, polished, and professional-looking surface
  • Works extremely well with intricate designs, raised panels, or tiny nooks
  • Takes away that uneven look of brush strokes

Whether you intend to do a DIY project or hire a professional painting company, do your research. Find out what paint textures, colors, and methods appeal to you.

Play Around with Various Colors 

Since your cabinets are a predominant fixture in your kitchen, picking the right color is crucial to the project. Thankfully, you have a whole range of tones to choose from, so picking a color that complements your floors, backsplash, counters, walls, and appliances is easy to do. Consider the following when picking a color:

Dark Tones

Dark tones like black, amethyst, dark sapphire, or deep emerald can make a huge statement. However, these deep hues will only work in bigger kitchens. Though they can embolden your space, they will make a small kitchen look tiny. Choose these colors if you have ample kitchen space. Otherwise, proceed with caution, or they may overpower everything.

Standard White 

White cabinets are always popular because they look very fresh and inviting. Best of all, they will match all types of counters or walls.

Light Neutrals 

If you want to make your space appear larger, light neutrals work well. You can try tan, beige, or neutral grey. Just make sure that the cabinet colors coordinate well with your fixtures.

Bold Shades

Are you looking to make a statement in your La Grange, Illinois kitchen? Vibrant colors like yellow, mint green, turquoise, lilac, red, and even orange can liven up your kitchen. These striking colors will bring energy into your space.

Consider if a DIY Project is the Best Fit for You

Though painting your La Grange, Illinois kitchen cabinets can be a great DIY project, it can be particularly tedious — especially for those not accustomed to the work. Drips often occur, and brush strokes often show up, not to mention the time involved. The good news is that you can always partner with a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in La Grange to handle the project.

Looking for a Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company in La Grange, Illinois?

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