Modern dark painted kitchen cabinets at a house in Palatine, Illinois

Different Ways of Applying Kitchen Cabinet Paint: Insights from a Palatine Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

Different styles of kitchen cabinets require different methods for applying paint correctly. If you have real wood raised panel doors, the application will be different than if your cupboards are fabricated out of flat melamine. Thermofoil has its guidelines that should be followed to achieve professional results as well. In this blog, we will explore two of the most common methods of painting the kitchen cabinets in your Palatine home.

The general process for painting all types of cabinets should be as follows:

  • Clean all surfaces with soap and water
  • Lightly sand all areas that will be painted
  • Fill holes and cracks with a wood filler
  • Sand the filler flush once it has dried
  • Apply the first coat of primer
  • Apply the filler again and sand
  • Apply the second coat of primer
  • Apply two final finish coats

Note: Thermofoil doors should be wiped down with a wax remover before starting the above steps.

Spray Painting

If you are painting the kitchen cabinets with a paint sprayer, it’s going to be a messy job that requires you to cover the surrounding areas with a protective paper. Your paint will also need to be the proper viscosity to flow smoothly through the spray gun. You may want to consult with your paint supply company to determine the right thinners to be mixed with the paint.

You will first spray the parts horizontally, and then immediately make a vertical pass. This will ensure that there are no blotched areas that do not look covered entirely. Immediately after spraying, the paint should look “uniformly” wet when you look at the surface from all angles. You can use this method for any type cupboard door, unless you are trying to get a glazed finish look. In such cases, you will need to use a brush for some of the steps involved.

One thing to note here is that you should use an industrial type sprayer. You can rent one from a rent-all company for a couple of days to get the job done right. A small Power Wagner spray gun, for example, will not yield professional results.

Painting Cabinets with a Brush and Roller

Here’s where the different methods of painting come into play. For any style of raised panel cupboard door, you should always start applying the paint to the center panel and work your way out. This will reduce the possibility of getting runs in the paint. You will be using a brush for this task. Apply a nice coat of paint going in one direction, then lightly go over it with the brush going in the opposite direction. This will help you avoid the “brush mark” look, it and also ensures complete coverage.

If you are applying the cabinet paint to flat doors, you can use a roller. It is best to paint the edges of the flat doors first using a brush. The inside of the kitchen cabinets can be painted either with a sprayer or a brush. If you want to spray inside the house, it’s important that you completely seal off the area and cover everything that you do not want to get paint on.

One tip to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t hurry to apply an additional coat of paint. Always allow plenty of drying time between coats, because you cannot cover up any imperfections with paint. If there’s a dip or scratch on the surface, the paint will follow the path of the flaw, and it will be visible when the paint has dried.

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