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Say Hello to Popular Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends: Insights from a South Barrington Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

Deciding on the right color for your kitchen cabinets is a big commitment. Some of our clients like the idea of conventional approaches, while others love experimenting and going with the most current trends. If you’re someone in the latter category, we’re excited to share the new and popular lineup of kitchen cabinet paint colors for 2021 that can provide an update for your kitchen in South Barrington, Illinois.

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Kitchen cabinet painting in South Barrington, Illinois is a popular service provided to homeowners looking to update their cabinets. It is important to choose a professional. It’s also essential to come up with a color scheme that complements your kitchen aesthetic. If you’re looking for color that goes beyond gray and want color suggestions for your kitchen cabinets, here are some options:

1. Greige

If you do not want to surround yourself in deeper tones, opt for refreshing and relaxing neutrals. The greige color palette is modern, neutral, and elegant. Beige has a more traditional and relaxed appeal, while gray has a significant sophistication to it. The combination is a great choice. It can adapt to various kitchen styles, creating calmer and stronger influences based on how the two colors balance.

2. Deep Bronze and Coffee Stains

The simplicity of deep bronze and coffee-stained wood tones create a serene space grounded in nature. This color scheme delivers a ton of warmth and works well for bath and kitchen cabinets. Adding back to nature elements in your home is an ongoing trend. Soothing colors that bring the outdoors inside prevail, particularly in the kitchen or living room.

3. Shades of Blue

From deep blue to cobalt or pale blue, the choices for kitchen cabinets in blues are numerous for a cozy, fresh, and elegant look. Darker tones and pastels make a perfect combination for a modern style and remarkable contrasts. They look fresh, beautiful, classic, and timeless. Blue-painted cabinets look great and add a touch of character. Blue cabinets are a good possibility for your home in South Barrington, IL.

4. Shades of Green

From bluish-green, sage, mint to two-tone, grayed green or yellowed green, you have incredible color choices for your kitchen cabinets. Sage is cheerful, mint gives an earthy feel, saturated tones add more drama, and lighter ones soften the space. No matter which green you choose, it’s excellent for kitchen cabinets, making a restful and contemplative tone. However, speak with a trusted painting expert in South Barrington, IL, to check the exact colors in-person. It’ll help you pick the right green for your painted cabinet since blues and greens can look very different in pictures versus reality.

5. Shades of Pink

If you want to try something different, try a pop of pink. Coral cabinets with golden hardware and white walls are a fresh look. Even pale pinks will look great without being too much.  Contact your local professional in South Barrington kitchen cabinet painting company for all your choices.

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