White painted cabinets at a kitchen in West Chicago, Illinois

Seven Reasons Why You Should Paint Your West Chicago Kitchen Cabinets White

New kitchen cabinets can be expensive. Giving existing kitchen cabinets a coat of fresh paint does the trick for much less, provided the cabinets are in good condition. When painting your West Chicago cabinets, you can either follow the trends or go for classic white. It makes the kitchen look lighter, brighter, and spacious. Not yet convinced? Here are seven reasons why white-painted kitchen cabinets will never go out of fashion.

1. White Equals Versatility

When you think of white, it may remind you of serene, airy, and fresh areas. You believe white might not be a good idea for kitchen cabinets since it doesn’t hide stains well. But think of it the other way — white allows you to clean stains right away and not let them accumulate and get greasy. White cabinets also make a perfect backdrop for most design styles and stand the test of time.

2. White Is a Brighter Color

There’s no doubt — white is a bright color. It lightens up any space, and painting the cabinets white will reflect both artificial and natural lights. If you wish to brighten up your kitchen — start by painting cabinets white. With more natural light entering the kitchen during the daytime, you might not even need to use artificial light, which could help you save on your energy bill.

3. White Creates an Illusion of Space

Darker kitchen cabinets can make any kitchen look confined and small. If you add any kitchen items, it may appear even more cramped and a bit depressing. It might not be the case with everyone, but darker shades usually make rooms seem a bit gloomy if not paired with the right complementary colors. White, on the other hand, opens up the area making it look spacious and breathable.

4. White Looks Clean

Your kitchen is one space where you must be able to see all things clearly. Thus, painting your kitchen cabinets white gives it a neat and clean look, where all things appear well-organized. A kitchen where items remain neatly arranged is inspiring and motivating. This is a major reason people prefer painting kitchen cabinets white.

5. White Makes It Easier to Switch Décor

It’s easy to switch out your décor in a white kitchen since every color goes with it. Keeping larger elements like the cabinets in neutral shades, gives you the freedom to change the other features as often as you please.

6. White Fits Every Style

No matter what styles you incorporate in the kitchen, white cabinets will fit. Be it a modern, traditional, rustic, or industrial kitchen space, white cabinets allow you to experiment with different design elements around them and determine the final form.

7. White Is Popular Amongst Buyers

If you ever wish to sell your property in the future, white can get you the most value. Neutral shade kitchen cabinets appeal most to the buyers. These give a significant facelift to the cabinets. Not only does a shade like white feel timeless, but it also always remains in fashion. If it appears dull to anyone, they can still add quirky or complementing elements alongside and enliven the space. The buyers can customize the kitchen their way.

Invest in a Trend That’s Sure to Last – Contact a West Chicago Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

For all the reasons mentioned above, white certainly stands as an excellent choice. If you wish to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can DIY. But if you need professional assistance, we can help bring your dream kitchen to life. Professional kitchen cabinet painting in West Chicago, Illinois, isn’t expensive if you choose the right painting company. But, make sure to hire an experienced painting company like Prime Time Painting and we’ll provide you affordable service with quality results. Contact us at 630.920.3300 or 630.601.8390 today.