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How to Remove Paint from Wood Cabinets? Insights from a Oak Brook Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

If you are considering renovating the kitchen in your Oak Brook home, then perhaps the ideal place to start is with the kitchen cabinets. Cabinets can easily define the whole look of your kitchen, and they can make or break the ideal look that you are going for. In many cases, it’s not always necessary to replace all of the cabinets. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint is all that it takes to make the cabinets the focal point of your kitchen. The best part? Painting your cabinets will also save you quite a bit of money over a complete replacement.

We have talked about kitchen cabinet painting tips for a DIY homeowner in our previous blogs. But in this post, we are going to discuss something that many Oak Brook homeowners overlook when it comes to painting their kitchen cabinets: stripping the old paint off.

Why remove old paint in the first place?

At one time or another, you may have some paint on your cabinet flake or chip away. What this means is that you’ll need to apply new paint to your cabinets to make them look good again. Before applying the new paint, though, you’ll want to prepare your painting surface and make sure it is flat and even — and removing the old paint is the first step. If your painting surface is not prepared correctly, your new paint job is simply not going to look professional.

How to remove old paint from kitchen cabinets?

Paint Strippers

To remove the old paint from your kitchen cabinets, you should start off by using commercial, chemical-based paint strippers. There are a few warning signs to keep in mind here. First, make sure your area has a lot of ventilation when you are working with the paint strippers, because the fumes released from them are pretty overpowering. Second, make sure you wear rubber gloves and safety glasses as added protection.

When it comes to paint strippers, you can choose between thick pastes, liquids, and gels. If you are working on a large project with a lot of vertical surfaces, it’s best to avoid liquids, because they do not cling very well. Remember that whichever type of paint stripper you pick, patience is always the key. Work your way through small areas and apply the stripper to the surface and allow it to sit according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After enough time has passed, you should be able to scrape it off with a putty knife.


Sanding is the next step to removing old paint from your wood cabinets. After the paint stripper has been cleaned, allow enough time to let the cabinets dry and get acclimated to your environment. The newly bare material is susceptible to varying changes in humidity and temperature, so it’s best to let it rest for a couple of days.

Once you are ready to start sanding, use an orbital sander with a medium-grit sandpaper to go over the rough spots on the cabinets. Be sure to always work with the grain to avoid sanding marks. After sanding, inspect for damages or areas that need filling. Also, look out for cracks that need some wood putty.

Pre-stain Conditioner

The next step here is to apply a good pre-stain conditioner to help you even out the stain’s color. Pre-staining will also help you prime the surface and help you avoid any unsightly blotches.

Keep in mind, whenever you are trying to remove the paint from your cabinets, it’s important that you do it carefully. It is very easy to damage the surface underneath and end up with a bigger problem than what you started with.

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