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How Wall Colors Can Change the Feel of a Room: Insights from an Interior Painting Company in Elgin, Illinois

In certain rooms of your home, depending on what color you paint the walls, it can create an illusion that the room is bigger or smaller. But the question is: how can you change the feel of a room just by changing its color?

For example, lighter colors can trick your eye into seeing a larger space, while darker colors produce a more compact look. The color arrangement also plays a role in changing a person’s perspective.

Below, this interior painting company in Elgin, Illinois is going to explain how the wall color you choose can impact the feel of a room.

Enlarging a space

When you have a small room in your house in Elgin, Illinois, you would naturally want to make it look bigger. To do this, use light colors that can reflect natural light. This has the effect of making the surfaces appear larger when perceived by the eyes.

Squeezing the space

The opposite goes for dark colors. This is ideal when you have a large, open space that fits excellent with an intimate and cozy vibe. Dark colors tend to absorb natural light; that’s why they make you feel like you’re in a smaller space.

Lowering the ceiling

For rooms with a tall ceiling, some people prefer to have a balance to create a more welcoming atmosphere. To achieve a look that makes the ceiling lower than it is, your interior painting company in Elgin can use dark colors for your ceiling and light colors for your walls.

Elongating the space

This is the exact opposite of lowering your ceiling. Elongating a space means making it look like it’s longer than it is. It also makes your ceiling look like it’s at a higher level. For this, you need to paint your walls a darker color, while your ceiling should be painted a light color like white or cream.

Widening the room

When your room is physically compact or narrow, it would be best to paint it so that it looks wider than it is. For example, paint experts in Elgin, Illinois would advise you to paint the back wall and the ceiling darker colors while the side walls are lighter. This can also be used in other areas of your house, like a corridor.

Narrowing the space

If your house has a vast space, you can balance that space out by making it look narrower. You can do this by having your interior painting company in Elgin paint two opposite sidewalls with a dark color, while painting the back wall and the ceiling a light color. This can help improve the proportions of your wide room.

Shortening your room

For large areas in your house that you want to look more compressed to achieve a comfier vibe, you can shorten the space. For example, paint a back wall with a dark color while leaving the rest of the walls, including the ceiling, a light color.

Highlighting a wall

This technique is recommended when you want people to focus on a specific element in your room. For example, this may be a display case or a shelf of achievements. To draw eyes to this area, the rest of the room should be darker, while the wall you intend to highlight has a lighter color.

Shortening the walls

You might think this is similar to the other technique mentioned, but the main idea is to make the walls look shorter. This can be done with rooms with a higher ceiling. To do this, run a darker color across the bottom half of your walls.

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