Kitchen cabinet painting company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Why You Should Leave Cabinet Painting to the Professionals: Insights from Kitchen Cabinet Painting Professionals in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Cabinets not only serve as storage areas in your kitchen, but they also add to the aesthetics of the room. Cabinets can account for a lot of space in a kitchen. Unfortunately, new kitchen cabinets can cost thousands of dollars depending on the material, style, and overall quality. When the kitchen cabinets start to look outdated, or when the paint starts to chip or peel, many homeowners begin thinking about repainting them as opposed to replacing them.

Some homeowners attempt to paint their kitchen cabinets on their own. While learning a new skill can be fun, this project can be time consuming and difficult if you don’t have any prior experience. With that said, hiring a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois can save you a lot of time and effort.

Below, we’re going to discuss the two main reasons why you should think about hiring a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois rather than painting your cabinets on your own.

1. Visible Brushstrokes and Roller Marks

Most cabinets in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, are made from a wood material, which can be challenging to paint. Many things affect the finished look, including picking the right brush or roller to choosing the correct type of paint.

Visible strokes become apparent when the paint does not have time to flow and spread evenly. In addition, the amount of pressure applied to the paintbrush or how long the paint is exposed to the atmosphere contributes to making the paint sticky, making it difficult to spread out evenly.

So, how do the professionals make kitchen cabinet painting in Glen Ellyn, Illinois look so good? The answer is in the way they are being painted — by spray. No, it’s not like spray painting art on the wall. Instead, best practices and techniques are being followed so that the cabinet material and the lacquer paint do not separate or clot.

Spray painting with lacquer paints can be very tricky. However, experts have mastered the art of mixing the right amount of paint and thinners that should be loaded into a spray gun for a perfect finish.

2. Visible Wood Damage

The condition of your kitchen cabinets before they are painted affects the result. If your kitchen cabinet has signs of wear and tear, it cannot be camouflaged with paint alone. Any reputable kitchen cabinet painting company in Glen Ellyn, Illinois will know how to best prepare your cabinets for painting. Proper material assessment and sanding are done beforehand to repair any cracks, dents, and other visible damage. Often, these cabinets are dismantled and then reassembled to ensure that all surfaces are repaired and painted.

There are many steps to painting kitchen cabinets. There is the sanding, repair, dismantling and reassembly as mentioned above. There is also the surface prep work like masking and taping edges along with covering exposed walls, floors, and appliances to ensure that paint does not get onto unwanted surfaces.

The professionals will recommend any other fixes to your cabinets that should be done when repainting the cabinets. For example, staining the inside of your cabinets, or changing the hardware .

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