Kitchen cabinet painting company in Warrenville Illinois

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets Like a Professional: Insights from a Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company in Warrenville, Illinois

Could your kitchen use an update? If so, painting your old cabinets can help. Whether you use bright colors or soft pastels, a new paint job can instantly breathe new life into your space.

Tackling a DIY kitchen cabinet painting job might sound daunting to some, but it’s not impossible. You can always hire a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Warrenville, Illinois, but if you have the time and skill set for it, it’s possible to paint your kitchen cabinets on your own. Here are the steps to take when painting your kitchen cabinets:

Prepare the room

Painting projects can be messy, so be sure to protect surfaces such as counters and flooring with drop cloths or protective sheeting — you do not want paint splashes to ruin anything. It is also a good idea to empty all the contents of kitchen cabinets and drawers before painting and to use painter’s tape around the edges and borders.

Remove kitchen cabinet hardware

Though it may seem convenient to paint kitchen cabinets while they are still attached to their hinges, it is always best practice to remove all doors, drawers, and shelves before starting the painting process. Remove all hardware from their hinges with a screwdriver and lay them on a covered, flat surface like the floor or a table. Next, using a numbered piece of painter’s tape, label each door or item, so you will know which door or drawer goes where when it is time to put everything back where it belongs. Any professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Warrenville, Illinois will advise you to remove any cabinet handles, doorknobs, and other decorative fittings — this will make it easier to achieve an excellent finish and avoid unsightly drips.

Clean your cabinets

Use a mild soap, degreaser, or an all-purpose neutral cleaner to clean your kitchen cabinets. Doing so will remove any grease or grime from the cabinets and leave a smooth surface. Remove excess residue with a damp cloth before letting the items fully dry.

Sand the cabinets

Once the cabinets have dried, lightly sand with fine-grit sandpaper (a 220-grit sandpaper would work) to ensure that the surface is completely smooth. Next, using a lint-free cloth, wipe away any residual dust from the surface. Using a quality ready-mixed filler, fill any gaps or cracks in the surface before sanding it down to a smooth finish.

Prime the cabinets

Apply a wood or melamine primer to the surface before painting it. This will prevent any stains or imperfections from showing through the new coat, which is usually the case when painting over darker colors. Get your primer into a paint tray and use a paint roller or a large square brush to apply it to the cabinet units. Allow for thorough drying of the surfaces before painting them.

Start painting the cabinets

Once you have picked a color, it’s time to get started. Start by painting the frames with a paintbrush. Next, paint the entire door or surface with a roller brush. Lightly sand the surface of the first coat to ensure a smooth, high-quality finish, and wipe away any dust with a clean, damp cloth. Most kitchen cabinet painting companies in Warrenville, Illinois recommend waiting for about 12 hours before applying a second coat.

Put everything back together

Once the second coat has thoroughly dried, you can start placing everything back in its proper location. First, reinstall the handles, doorknobs, and any other fixtures removed before reinstalling the cabinet doors, drawers, and shelves in their right places.

If this sounds like too much work for you, you can always hire a professional kitchen cabinet painting company in Warrenville, Illinois.

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