Painted white kitchen cabinets at a house in Glendale Heights, Illinois

The Trend of Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Insights from a Glendale Heights Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company

At Prime Time Painting, we have noticed a rising trend from homeowners in Glendale Heights that want to repaint their kitchen cabinets as opposed to replacing them. While some may think this is just a current trend, painting your kitchen cabinets is actually a wise investment — to put it simply, it’s adds value to your home, especially when you go with classic colors like whites, greys, maple, and cherry colors.

When carried out professionally, repainted cabinets can look as good as new, and they’re an economical solution for adding charm to an outdated-looking kitchen. Plus, when you choose to paint your cabinets over buying expensive replacements, you can use those savings and invest them in other areas of your home or kitchen.

Many people are surprised to hear that having your kitchen cabinet painted professionally costs you significantly less than buying new cabinets. If your cabinet’s condition is sound and just a splash of color can make a difference, then why not consider it?

The Glendale Heights Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

To prep and paint, it just takes a few days depending on factors such as the type of wood, number of doors, boxes, skill level, and so on. When you hire a qualified painting company, the process will generally go much more smoothly than if you tried to paint the cabinets yourself.

At Prime Time Painting, when we start any project, we make sure everything is right in place. We carefully mask the countertops, kitchen walls, appliances, flooring, etc. to protect all surfaces. This is especially necessary when spray paints are employed for the project. Often times, clients also ask for wall painting services if they wish to give the entire kitchen a new look. You would certainly notice a slight odor during or after the paint job, but that is temporary, and it goes away quickly as long as the area is adequately ventilated.

The Prime Time Painting Difference

You may now be wondering how we achieve a long-lasting outcome. Appropriately prepping the base of the cabinet is the key to lasting results. In addition to that, we also use premium products for every painting job. Our team mostly uses Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore paints to ensure a high-quality finish. Furthermore, our experience allows us to make sure the work is carried out with precision, professionalism, and care.

We like to keep things clear with our clients, and we always keep them updated on their project’s progress. This makes us unique from many other painting companies in the Glendale Heights area. We value our clients’ time, and achieving the desired results is our priority.

Ready to Have Your Glendale Heights, IL Kitchen Cabinets Painted?

With so many painting contractors to choose from in Glendale Heights, Illinois, hiring the right team can be a bit challenging. Here at Prime Time Painting, it has always been our mission to beautify our client’s homes at affordable prices and with absolute efficiency. We hold an A+ rating with the Chicagoland Better Business Bureau, which speaks to our quality of craftsmanship.

We paint exteriors, interiors, garages, homes, and kitchen cabinets all throughout the Glendale Heights and Chicagoland area. We take great pride in completing our painting jobs on time, within budget, and to the customer’s highest satisfaction level.

If you are looking for trusted, reputed, and professional kitchen cabinet painters, get in touch with us to discuss your project. Contact us today at 630-920-3300 (South and Western Chicagoland Suburbs) or 630-601-8390 (North and Northwest Chicagoland Suburbs). You can also request a free painting estimate and discover why we have become a local favorite!