Painted kitchen cabinets at a kitchen in Wheaton, Illinois

Five Things Nobody Tells You About Kitchen Cabinet Painting: Insights from Wheaton, IL Kitchen Cabinet Painting Experts

For many homeowners, the kitchen is a sacred space where food is shared, and memories are made. It’s the little details that add to the whole experience — a kitchen that is cluttered or outdated often feels cold and unwelcoming.

Kitchen cabinet painting in your Wheaton kitchen is the best way to breathe new life into the space. When done correctly, it can entirely revamp the way your kitchen looks. But there are a few things you should know before you get started. We’re going to discuss the five main things you should be aware of.

1. Now Is the Time to Deep Clean

When you decide to paint, the first thing you should do is deep clean your cabinets. Also, you shouldn’t keep anything inside the cabinets while the outsides are being painted. Remove everything, because the insides will eventually need to be painted as well. You may choose to go with a different shade than the exteriors to add an intriguing touch. This can also be a great option if portions of your cabinets are see-through glass.

2. Wood Is Your Best Bet

When painting your kitchen cabinets, wood is generally the ideal material to work with. Practically any surface that can be scuffed with sandpaper to allow the paint to adhere is the right choice. This is why we do not suggest anyone paint on laminates; although it’s possible, it will not be as lasting and uniform as wooden cabinet painting. Even with wood, you have multiple options, including painted wood, stained wood, unfinished wood, and more.

3. You Can Return from Darker Shades

Light-colored cabinets are always easier to work with. But what if your cabinets are a darker shade, and you want to go back to something more subtle, like an off white or a soft grey? You can certainly paint your cabinets from dark to light, but it will take some effort. The key is to use a primer to achieve the colors you envision. If the transition is extreme, using a coat of underbody can also work well. For best results, we recommend seeking professional assistance if you want to paint your cabinets from dark to light.

4. You Can’t Go Wrong with White

You can choose to match the colors of your kitchen cabinets with the color of the kitchen walls, or you can even create a contrast. However, you can never go wrong with crisp white cabinets to get that clean, bright look in your kitchen. It adds more life to the space and creates a nice backdrop in the kitchen.

5. Need Quick and Even Results? Invest in a Paint Sprayer

If you choose to paint the cabinets on your own, you may want to invest in a paint sprayer to speed up the process. However, spraying requires a detailed eye and a skilled hand to achieve quality and lasting results. If you wish to do it yourself, keep in mind that applying multiple thin spray paint coats will deliver the best results.

Looking for a Kitchen Cabinet Painting Company in Wheaton, Illinois?

A lot of thought and planning goes into the kitchen cabinet painting process. Besides, there are many more tips, tricks, and techniques that apply when transforming your kitchen cabinets. If you are ready to update your kitchen, but you don’t want to get your own hands dirty, we can help.

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